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100 Acre Relaxing Retreat Near ARK- The Farmhouse


This brand new farmhouse located on 100 acres is a great place for a group of up to 12 to stay in a peaceful setting and enjoy creation. With four bedrooms, two full baths and a rec room in addition to the living room, dining room and kitchen, there is plenty of room to enjoy some quality time with family or friends.

The space

This home is located on a piece of land that lies in the rolling, bluegrass covered hills of Kentucky that reminds one of days gone by. It is a place where the fireflies beckon children to come and play a game of chase; where a babbling brook whispers “come and explore”. This land, land that was created with loving curves teaches us to rest, to enjoy, to trade screens for sunsets and phones for fresh air.

We hope you find the joy and grace that leads to thanksgiving while you are here.

Guest access

There is off street parking next to the cottage with enough space for at least four vehicles. House is entered via a keyless lock. You will receive the code shortly before your stay.

Other things to note

**Need to Know Information Before you Book**
1. This cottage is located on 100 acres, some of which you will have access to. There is a lot to explore; including marked walking trails, a creek, ponds, and just the overall beauty of God's creation. All of this is to be enjoyed at your own pace and your own risk.
2. This land is our home, as well as home to two other households. We ask that you respect the area around these homes by staying on marked trails (closest house is 100 yards away from the cottage).
3. The land is also home to farm animals (currently chickens and cows), as well as pets. All farm animals are kept in electric fencing. As a general rule if it is a wire or a white netting, DON'T TOUCH. We are happy to provide you with up close interactions with these animals if you would like and schedules allow. There are also two dogs and two cats on the property. All four are friendly and likely to show up around the cottage at some point during your stay. If they become a nuisance please do not hesitate to let us know.
4. This rural setting comes with a lot of perks and a few drawbacks.
The road to the property is a small, winding country road. In the years we have lived here, we have never been snowed in but that is a possibility during the winter months.
The property is serene and quiet 90% of the time. However, potential noises include; neighbors riding their four wheelers, gunshots from other farms, and loud vehicles on the road. The beauty of our land is that all of these occur a fair distance from the cottage and is often little more than background noise.
5. Two of the rooms has four single beds. This consists of two twin beds, both of which have a twin size trundle with them.

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